The Beginner: Why should I take Guitar Lessons?

Having spent a large part of my life taking lessons and learning guitar and then also making part of my living as a guitar teacher, I personally feel that taking guitar lessons on and off as you continue on your musical path is very important.

I will say for beginners it is very important to take guitar lessons so you are sure you are building off of a foundation that is solid with the basics so you dont have to "fill in the holes" later on. Guitar lessons are much different then learning from the internet or watching a video, not to say you cannot learn from these other avenues but it is very important to have someone you can ask questions to. How many times have you watched a video or seen something on the internet you want to learn and there is just not enough info given and no one to ask for the real answer. Taking guitar lessons and having a teacher will do nothing but move you forward quicker on your musical journey and it is also more fun and you will see results as long as you have a good teacher and above all else you as a student practice consistently.

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